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Back Pain, Neck Pain and More! 5 Issues That Could Be Resolved By A New, High Quality Mattress

Everybody needs sleep, but some people sleep better than others. The mattress that you sleep on should ease tensions, not cause it. Did you know that the bed you sleep on could be the main cause of back and neck issues, your troublesome insomnia, and […]

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Bad Sleep for Even One Night Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

The negative effects from a lack of sleep can be relatively apparent, but the long term consequences from missing or having bad sleep for just one night may not be as noticeable or immediate. A recent study from Washington University in Saint Louis was mentioned […]

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Are Women Smarter by Sleeping More?

Which gender is smarter? Well, what does science have to say about the matter? While each gender is different in intelligence, there has been a study that showcases the brain activity for both men and women during sleep. Women Smarter from Sleeping A study at […]

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7 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed with A Goodnight’s Sleep

Do you find yourself in frequent conversations about the amount of hours you’ve slept or how tired you feel? It’s safe to say that we are obsessed with getting a good night’s rest, even when we don’t. There are several reasons that may explain why […]

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A healthy lifestyle starts when you fall asleep

Oxygen, water, food, shelter, and sleep are the five basic needs for survival. A poor quality of life, if any, can quickly result without one or the other. To thrive, humans require these essentials, including sleep. A lack of sleep can cause improper functioning and […]

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Do You Suffer from Insomnia and Strive to Sleep?

Have you ever tossed and turned in your bed all night long, only to soon realize that it’s morning and you feel like you barely slept at all? Insomnia is a frustrating sleep disorder where you just can’t seem to get any shut eye. When […]

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