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Easing Arthritis and Joint Pain with a Memory Foam Mattress

For many arthritis sufferers and individuals who suffer with hip, neck, and shoulder pain, the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices has provided significant relief.  Ironically, most people don’t understand why a specific type of mattress can provide such relief.  In most cases, when someone is […]

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4 Ways that Sleeping on Your Left Side Benefits You

It has long been recognized by medical professionals and sleep experts that the best position to sleep in is on your left side.  It contributes to enhanced organ health and improves circulation and digestion as well.  Eastern medicine has been telling us for decades that […]

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Low back pain: is it your hip flexors?  

By: Duncan Bain   Low back pain is something which many of us live with for many years. Sufferers know that there are not enough swear-words, even in my Scottish vocabulary, to describe the annoyance of this condition. Fortunately, there have been some recent developments. […]

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Create the Ideal Sleep-Friendly Bedroom with these Design Tips

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary.  At least it should be.  It should have a luxurious atmosphere, but more importantly, it should be the most personal space in your home.  So, if you want to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the mornings, you’ll need […]

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Relax and Sleep Better with These 7 Top-Rated Smartphone Apps

It goes without saying that there is an endless number of benefits that are attributed to getting a good night’s rest.  Unfortunately, too many individuals are still getting deprived of this on a regular basis.  Interestingly enough, there are a number of smartphone apps that […]

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Is it True that a Teenager’s Brain Requires More Sleep?

Ask any 10 full-time teenage students what their plans are while they’re away from their classes for the weekend and there’s a good chance that 9 of them will tell you “sleeping in.”  While this is an ideal time for the student to get caught […]

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