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Improving Life Through Sleep Science.

We spend nearly one-third of our lives in bed.  The construction of the mattress must therefore be suitable for our individual body dimensions, shape and weight.  Simply going by personal preference will not be adequate since the mattress must also respond to the weight it’s supposed to support, the sleep posture of preference (e.g. side sleeping vs. back sleeping), the height of the person, the sleep temperature preference, etc.

SleepChoices utilizes the latest sleep science technologies in its designs by industry veterans, with decades of experience and supported by specialists in the field.

We have enlisted the wisdom of two experts in the sleep science, sleep research to provide us with some insights on sleep, mattress design and it’s bio-mechanical aspects of our mattresses.

Dr. Duncan Bain - Advisor

A Ph.D. biomedical engineer with a track record of addressing patient problems as diverse as pressure ulcers, incontinence, hospital-acquired infections, and deep vein thrombosis, Dr. Bain has led a research unit within the Institute of Orthopedics at the University College London, and has managed an expert Medical Device Evaluation Center on behalf of the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as Mattress Evaluation Manager.

Dr. Bain is the inventor of iScan, a diagnostic equipment used by mattress retailers to help customers select suitable beds. Dr. Bain will advise the design of mattresses for SleepChoices especially in the area of body pressure point reduction, as well as authoring Sleep Science articles on SleepChoices websites.

Eric Hinshaw - Advisor

Former President and Chairman of the Board of the International Sleep Products Association; Graduate of Duke University, winner of Charles Dukes Award. Advisor to the Fuqua School of Business; Chairman of the National Board of the Duke Children’s Hospital. Retired chairman and CEO of Kingsdown, a premier mattress brand; represented in all 50 states and recognized in 25 countries.

Mr. Hinshaw developed unique retail sales programs for the world’s leading bedding retailers like Steinhof, Mattress Firm, Sleepy’s, Snooze Australia, Pure Sleep by Art Van, International Design Centers of Japan. Developed though significant research, revolutionary and patented Sleep to Live mattress selection system which matches body type to sleep quality. Inventor and mastermind behind over 500 patents and trademarks relative to sleep equipment worldwide.

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