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Snuz Vs. Cocoon Mattress

To see how Snuz really measures up to the competition, it can be valuable for you to line up the characteristics of different brands of mattresses, like Cocoon by Sealy, and see how they compare.


When considering the design of a mattress, it’s always beneficial to understand the features. A unique and specific design can set the standard for a successful mattress.


The Cocoon mattress has layers that include the fabric cover, memory foam comfort layer, and support form base layer. It is a total of 10 inches tall.


Also with a height of 10 inches, the Snuz mattress is composed of several layers that include the 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-based memory foam, 6 inch base mattress core, and a cooling fabric top cover layer. Not only are Snuz mattresses built with multiple support layers but they also have a unique innovative horizontal 7-zone comfort support system created to bring pressure points at ease.

While these two brands of mattresses do have similarities like both being 10 inches in height, Snuz wins over because of its special design made to reach designated areas on the body and provide relief.


Comfort and your mattress should go hand in hand. If you aren’t comfortable and don’t physically enjoy your mattress, then what is the point? Having a cozy mattress can help you to relax and fall asleep easier.


The Cocoon by Sealy has two options for their mattress: firm and soft.


The Snuz mattress is built to personally conform to each individual’s body. The horizontal 7-zoned dynamic comfort support system provides relief from pressure points on the body. From head to toe, each body part is targeted for maximum comfort.

While these two brands of mattresses do have similarities, Snuz wins over Cocooon because the mattress is created to customly shape to each person’s body and relieve pressure. This is a more personalized approach using 7 different sections to tap into each part of the body for comfort. When this multifaceted technique is matched up against the Cocoon mattress with only 2 general options for comfort, it’s obvious that the Snuz provides more of a distinctive touch according to your personal comfort preferences.


The best mattress option will be able to provide support for your body in the most effective ways.


When it comes to the Cocoon mattress, support is provided by the base support system layer that uses support foam.


As far as support goes, the Snuz mattress is designed to put support exactly where it is needed for each individual. This is done by the work of the 7-zone ergonomic comfort system. The shoulders, hips and legs are high pressure points that are specifically focused on for relief but lower pressure points also receive the necessary amount of relief from the bedding.

While these two brands of mattresses do have similarities, Snuz wins over because it has a novel technique that allows each person’s body to fit to the mattress accordingly. Instead of only providing general support, the Snuz mattress gives more support to specific places on the body and then wherever it is needed.

While the competition is great, no mattress brand can compare to the benefits that the Snuz mattress beds offer. The 7-zone comfort support system that was built to reach pressure points is so original that it goes above and beyond the desires for an ideal high-quality mattress. The Snuz mattress is able to provide support where necessary, which makes the resting experience more personal and more comfortable than any other!


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