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Snuz Vs Dromma

The most effective way to truly see how the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices™ tops mattress competitors is to compare its features with other mattress brands, like Dromma. When this is done, the strengths of the Snuz mattress are even more apparent.


An important part of what makes up a good quality mattress is its design. With an effective and impactful design, a mattress becomes more than a surface to lay on – it can become a relieving, restful, and comfortable structure.


A Dromma mattress has a design that includes a 1.5 inch latex layer, 2.5 viscoelastic gel layer, and 8 inch memory foam base.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

The Snuz mattress bed has multiple layers that include a cooling top cover, 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-infused and water-absorbent memory foam, and 6 inch base support core. The Snuz mattress design includes a unique 7 zone ergonomic comfort support system that targets pressure points accordingly all throughout the body.

The original design for the Snuz mattress with the 7 zone pressure point targeting system makes the Snuz mattress ideal because the body is given individualized cushioning from head to toe. When it comes to the layers on the mattress, Snuz puts quality over quantity for measurements. The Snuz mattress gives more comfort and support with its unique design structure. Another important design feature that sets the Snuz mattress apart from the Dromma mattress is the fact that a Dromma bed consists of latex while the Snuz mattress has no latex in the bedding. Being centered on a healthy lifestyle, Snuz only has the safest of materials, including charcoal which can eliminate impurities. The disadvantages of latex can include giving off a chemical odor, preventing pressure points from being targeted for maximum relief, and inducing allergic reactions.


When it comes to sleeping on a mattress, comfort is a critical quality.


As far as comfort is concerned, the Dromma mattress has the gel foam layer to provide cushioning for the neck, back, and hips.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

For comfort on the Snuz mattress, there are several different components that help provide relief and promote relaxation. The 7 zone dynamic comfort support system targets areas of the body from head to toe so that areas with more pressure receive the necessary amount of relief. In addition to this, the charcoal-based layer not only prevents moisture from seeping through but also enhances comfort.

These mattresses both do provide a comfortable feel, but only the Snuz mattress has its 7 zone comfort support system to reach areas of the body in need of relief.


A good quality mattress should give maximum desired support without causing pain afterward.


For support, the Dromma mattress offers two types of bases: medium soft or medium firm.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

Support comes from the design of the Snuz mattress. There aren’t standard options to provide different types of support because the Snuz mattress bed conforms to each individual’s body and pressure points are targeted so that support can provided accordingly.

The techniques for support may be different for these brands of mattresses, but the truth is that an individualized support system like the 7 zone comfort support system provided by a Snuz mattress gives the support each person’s body demands. There is simply no better way for a mattress to provide support than this unique custom conforming 7 zone system.

When it  comes to the ideal mattress, the factors for design, comfort, and support should always be considered. Looking at what is provided in these areas by different types of mattresses can help you make your decision about which mattress brand to purchase. Comparing competitor mattress brands with Snuz clearly highlights what a great quality mattress the Snuz mattress is.


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