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Snuz vs GhostBed

To better understand where Snuz stands out, it’s often helpful to see a comparison between other well-known mattress brands, such as GhostBed. Snuz stands out because of its unique design, level of comfortability, and customized maximum support.


A clever design and well-structured formation of a mattress is an essential quality for the best, leading mattress.


The GhostBed mattress does have a bottom layer of high density foam, along with a 1.5 inch top layer and 2 inch middle cooling layer.


Similar to GhostBed, the Snuz mattress also has a thick base layer designed to provide comfortability and reinforcement. In addition to this, the Snuz mattress actually adds more layers than the competition with its 2 inch SNUZcor high density 7 Zone support system, 2 inch charcoal-infused moisture-absorbent memory foam, and a top coat layer for cooling protection.

Both the GhostBed and Snuz mattress have a base layer, but only the Snuz mattress has its own comprehensive design that includes a 7 zone system to target pressure points. The benefits of this distinct, remarkable fabrication are extensive and include helping the individual resting on it to have a greater quality of sleep due to the design keeping them from tossing and turning. Each mattress includes a cooling layer, which is beneficial because this keeps the sleeper at a relaxed temperature, which promotes sleep. However, GhostBed has the cooling component placed in the middle of the layers while Snuz makes it a point to have this positioned on the very top. The top layer on the Snuz mattress is called the Zipper Cover, which was designed to induce cooling on the bedding but also includes the benefits of being resistant to allergic reactions and dust.


One of the most important qualities a person looks for in a mattress is comfort. After all, mattresses are where people sleep for a good portion of their life. Naturally, a mattress should be physically pleasing and cozy.


In an effort to increase comfort, GhostBed does use gel memory foam. Memory foam is beneficial due to its ability to conform to the individual’s body type and pull back into shape when the individual gets up.


The Snuz mattress was specifically created focusing on innovative comfort sleep memory foam technology. The 2 inch charcoal-infused memory foam layer in the center helps to not only restrict moisture but enhance comfort. Memory foam on a Snuz mattress is also used to create a customized shape for each sleeper and still be resilient enough to return to original form when the individual is off the bed. The most comfort comes from the original SNUZcor high density 7-zone pressure point system. This original system was set in place for Snuz mattresses after keeping in mind that the body is contoured which means certain areas will feel more pressure than others. The SNUZcor layer helps to reach each pressure point, such as the tops of shoulders, hips, and legs, while providing sensational relief.


A bed just might be nothing without proper support. That’s why a great quality mattress will offer ideal supporting properties.


GhostBed mattresses do provide a base support on the bottom layer, which is composed of high density foam and provides support. When considering support in general, GhostBed mattresses have one level of firmness.


Stability and quality support stems from the high density foam layer base on a GhostBed mattress. Each person may require a different type of support, which is why Snuz caters to this individual customized need with the use of memory foam and the 7-zone pressure point comfort system. Snuz also has its base layer and multifaceted layering approach to help provide mattress strength and durability.

When compared, it’s apparent that the Snuz was designed originally and with the most advanced technology. The end result is that the Snuz mattress provides ideal support, desired comfort, and a unique form. With preferred characteristics like this, the Snuz proves to be a high-quality, leading mattress in the industry.

Size Options

Snuz is available in 6 sizes. The mattress comes compressed and roll-packed, shipped to your address by either UPS or FedEx. Upon receipt, the mattress can be opened and placed on top of a flat surface which can be on a foundation unit, platform or a adjustable bed (see Simple Life foundation unit, set to be placed on a Solutions Bed Frame or on an Adjustable Bed Base, on our ‘Shop Accessories’ page).


39″W x 75”L x 10”H



39″W x 80”L x 10”H



54″W x 75”L x 10”H



60″W x 80”L x 10”H



76″W x 80”L x 10”H



72″W x 84”L x 10”H




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