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Snuz Vs Loom & Leaf

One of the best ways to determine the level of quality of a Snuz mattress is to compare it with other leading bedding brands, like the Loom &
Leaf mattress.


A critical component for a high-quality product is design. A purposeful and well-thought out design can be a leading indicator of a great mattress.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf mattress has layers that include the top memory foam layer, breathable support layer, gel layer, and cotton cover.


The Snuz mattress is 10 inches in height with a number of layers, including a 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-based memory foam, 6 inch base mattress core, and a cooling woven fabric top layer. The first of its kind, the Snuz mattress has a horizontal 7-zone ergonomic comfort support system designed for maximum comfort.

While each bed has similarities and benefits, the design feature that really sets the Snuz mattress apart from the Loom & Leaf is the 7-zone system on the Snuz.
it is this technology that allows for specific targeted areas to be relieved of pressure. not only this, but the Snuz also has one of its layers infused with charcoal. This natural charcoal layer traps moisture.


It’s crucial to consider the different levels of comfort provided for each mattress. After all, you will be spending about one third of your life sleeping on it!

Loom & Leaf

There are two comfort levels for Loom & Leaf mattresses, which are relaxed firm and firm.


For ideal comfort, the 7-zone comfort system on the Snuz mattress allows for each person’s body to adjust on the mattress according to pressure points. With relief being directed to high pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and legs, the Snuz mattress provides a personalized comfort system.

Though both beds may be comfortable, the Snuz mattress is unique and shapes to the individual’s body according to pressure points to help provide not just maximum comfort but ultimate relief.


The level of support is an aspect that should be considered when looking for the best choice of mattress.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf has a gel layer that supports the spine.


The unparalleled and original 7-zoned system on the Snuz mattress is made to place support where needed and particularly provides it for the high pressure point areas. The Snuz mattress is buoyant in that when you get off the mattress, it can still return to its shape since it adjusts itself according to the weight on it.

Even though both types of mattresses provide support, the Snuz mattress provides designated and customized support. The Snuz mattress is unlike any other mattress brand out there. It is this zoned approach that truly makes a difference in both comfort and support for the individual resting on the bed.

Although mattress competitors like Loom & Leaf™ have some similar characteristics, there is no more personalized mattress than the Snuz. The Snuz mattress is unique and provides the desired support and comfort in its creative design. If you are looking for a good quality of sleep, then resting on the Snuz is a must!


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