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Snuz Vs Lull Mattress

Comparing different mattress brands to the innovative Snuz mattress can prove its level of quality and uniqueness. The Snuz mattress is a leading brand of mattress, but viewing the features and learning the facts can help show why it’s so great.


When searching for the perfect mattress for you, it’s helpful to check out the different designs of mattresses. Remember, not all mattresses are created equal!


The Lull mattress is composed of 3 layers that include a 1.5 inch gel memory foam top layer, 1.5 inch memory foam support layer, and core support layer.


A total of 10 inches in height, the Snuz mattress has several layers. The Snuz mattress layers include 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-infused memory foam, 6 inch base mattress core, and a cooling woven fabric top layer. There is a unique horizontal 7-zone ergonomic comfort support system on the Snuz that targets areas and provides comfort.

While both beds are 10 inches in height and have memory foam, only the Snuz mattress uses a charcoal-infused layer which is great for preventing moisture. The 7 zoned comfort support system on the Snuz mattress is a unique feature that really makes the mattress noteworthy. This system is customized to the individual laying on the bed and provides a gentler mold for specific areas of the body.


Comfort is a main factor to consider when you are trying to find the most suitable mattress for you.


For Lull mattresses, comfort is provided with the polyester-rayon mattress cover and gel memory foam.


Snuz mattresses provide all around comfort with the 7-zone comfort support system. This technique allows for comfort and maximum relief to be distributed to specific areas of the body from the head to the toe.

Even though there are characteristics that promote comfort for both mattresses, the Snuz mattress is the one that makes it a point to provide individualized comfort based on pressure points.


A necessary trait for a mattress to have is the ability to provide support to the back and additional areas of the body.


The Lull is able to support the body’s spine with its support core that is made of foam.


When it comes to support, the Snuz mattress has its alternative foam core and 7-zone polymer support system. The zones are able to reach and relieve pressure points, especially high pressure parts like the shoulders, legs, and hips. The Snuz provides personalized comfort and it is so buoyant that it can change shape according to where the weight is pressing on the bed the most.

Despite alternate mattress brands like Lull having features similar to Snuz, the real difference that puts the Snuz mattress ahead is the unique 7-zoned comfort system. All the design, comfort and support factors should be considered when looking at mattresses. As for these aspects for an ideal mattress, the Snuz exceeds the standards. When you need a good night’s rest, trust sleeping on the Snuz mattress to keep you comfortable and supported throughout the entire night!


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