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Snuz vs. Somzi

To be able to really see how the Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices™ bed triumphs over other leading brands of mattresses, a good idea can be to compare between additional mainstream mattresses, such as a Somzi mattress. While mattress brands like Somzi can appear similar, the Snuz stands out for its high quality features and most importantly, the idea of promoting a healthier way of life that begins when you sleep best!


A key component to what makes a desirable and preferred mattress is a unique, purposeful design.


A mattress from Somzi is composed of a removeable cover, 2 inch gel memory foam layer on the top, 2 inch Serene Foam layer in the middle, and 6 inch support foam layer on the bottom.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

When it comes to the design of the Snuz mattress, the bedding consists of a cooling zipper cover, 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-infused water-absorbent memory foam, and 6 inch high density stability foam mattress base core. Not only are there these specific layers in the bedding, but the Snuz mattress include an original, exclusive 7 horizontal zone dynamic support system for targeting pressure points.

The aspect in design that really sets the Snuz apart from its competitor mattress from Somzi is the unique 7 zone support system on the Snuz mattress. Both mattresses may have a high density 6 inch foam base layer but only the Snuz mattress has an entire 7 zone system specific for targeting pressure points on the body and providing relief. Another benefit of the Snuz mattress is that one layer is composed of charcoal-infused memory foam while the Somzi uses a gel memory foam. The benefits of charcoal are extensive and when it comes to being placed on the Snuz mattress, it allows for comfort and regulated temperature. This is different than a gel memory foam, which throughout the night may become warmer due to the body heat of the individuals laying on it. Charcoal not only aids in temperature regulation, but it also absorbs smells and filters impurities.


For an ideal mattress, comfort is top priority.


The Somzi mattress has its support foam base to provide maximum comfort.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

The Snuz mattress is able to provide optimal comfort with its specific design, particularly the 7 horizontal zone pressure point targeting comfort layer. Relief is given most to the areas of the body that place the highest pressure on the mattress and designated comfort on lower pressure points. The particular areas that are targeted to provide relief and ease to include your shoulders, sides, and legs. The Snuz mattress was created to conform to each individual’s specific body type.

Both the mattress from Somzi and Snuz provide comfort,  but only the Snuz mattress bed has a specific design to promote comfort in 7 different zones by relieving pressured areas on the body. This unique idea to provide individualized comfort for each person on the bed is what truly makes the Snuz mattress most comfortable.


Support is an obvious necessary feature for a bed because our bodies need to rest in a material and on a surface that won’t be a cause for pain! After all, we rest to better our health, not worsen it.


In regards to the support provided by a Somzi mattress, the composition of the mattress allows for support by cushioning to the body.

Snuz Mattress by Sleep Choices

The Snuz mattress has a personalized support system through its unique 7 zone efficient support system. Each zone targets pressure points, so the desired support for each individual person is accommodated by the mattress.

These two beds from Somzi and Snuz both have a 6 inch base, but the difference that puts the Snuz mattress ahead of its competitor is the fact that the Snuz mattress has a 7 zone layer to give customized support. Instead of the Snuz mattress providing support in one specific area, it allows for support to be given wherever needed due to higher pressure points being given more relief from the bedding material and lower pressure points targeted accordingly.

Even though mattress from Somzi has some similar traits as the Snuz mattress, it is clear that the Snuz mattress stands out with its unique 7 ergonomic support comfort system. Why would you settle for anything other than the best quality when you could have all the features and more in the Snuz mattress at a better cost? To begin your new lifestyle of healthy rest, order your Snuz mattress today and rest on the highest quality mattress on the market.


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