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Snuz vs Yogabed

In order to see how exceptional Snuz mattress beds are, it can be a great idea to compare the leading brand of mattress beds to competitors, like Yogabed. Unlike any other brand, Snuz is built on the concept of a healthier lifestyle that starts with a good quality of sleep.


Design is critical to providing optimal comfort and support to a mattress.


The Yogabed has a 4-layer comfort system composed of a 1 inch ventilated yoga instant response foam, 2 inch ventilated gel infused memory foam, 6 inch base mattress core, and 1 inch Impression Load Deflection (ILD) material. All layers make the bed’s height 10 inches.


The Snuz mattress is multi-layered with a 2 inch ventilated memory foam, 2 inch charcoal-based memory foam, 6 inch base mattress core, and cooling top layer. In addition to the many layers, the Snuz mattress has a horizontal 7-zone comfort support system that provides relief to pressure points. The total height of the bedding is 10 inches.

Both beds are quite similar with their multiple layers and total height. However, the Snuz mattress uses a charcoal-based memory foam and no layer is less than 2 inches tall. Charcoal infused memory foam can be beneficial particularly because it can absorb moisture and is natural-based. The design characteristic that really allows the Snuz mattress to win over Yogabed is the unique Snuz technology that uses 7 horizontal sections to target pressure points from head to toe.


You should judge a mattress on more than its distinct design when searching for the perfect bed. One of the most important characteristics to know about when on the hunt for a new mattress is the level of comfort it provides.


Yogabed mattresses do have a cushioning and instant response memory foam layer to provide comfort. The 4-layer system is designed for comfiness.

Snuz Bed

Snuz has several comfort layers, but it is the 7 zone system that provides the most maximum comfort. Not only does the 7-zone comfort support system by Snuz provide relief to areas on the body but it also conforms to these particular areas. Instead of allowing these specific areas to sink from the heat of the body, the special technology works to personally cushion your own body.

While both beds have their strengths for comfort, Snuz is original with its 7-zone polymer layer ergonomic support system that targets pressure points in the body from head to toe. This dynamic system is specific to using 7 targeted horizontal sections on the mattress, so parts of your body like your shoulders, hips, and legs can feel relief as your body conforms to the mattress. Not only does it relieve these areas, but it also prevents sleepers from moving back and forth throughout the night. When you’re not busy going from side to side, you feel more comfortable and get a better quality of rest!


The best mattress will provide an ideal amount of support to your overall body, especially your back.


The 4-layer comfort system on the Yogabed was created to support the body.

Snuz Bed

The Snuz mattress was built to support any and all areas that need it! The multi-layer and 7-zone pressure point system work together so that higher pressure point areas are relieved while lower pressure points are targeted accordingly.

The real difference in support is that the Snuz bed uses an additional support system that is zoned in 7 horizontal areas of the mattress. The body falls into a specific mold, which allows for certain areas of the body to be impacted more than others. The Snuz mattress works with this to give support to where it is needed on the body.

Although other mattresses like Yogabed do have some similar qualities, there really is no comparison when the Snuz mattress is an option! With the most innovative technology providing support where it’s specifically needed, the Snuz mattress is a top quality, one of a kind product.


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