Answering New Parent Questions: How Many Bassinet Sheets Do I Need?

Written by: Julian Wood



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Making your baby’s bassinet as cozy and snug as possible is essential for helping them catch those super important Z’s. But if this is your first rodeo as a new parent, you may be wondering just how many bassinet sheets you need to have on hand.

Having enough baby sheets tucked away in the closet is important, as it means you always have a clean one ready to go when those inevitable diaper accidents happen or when it’s wash day for the rest of your laundry.

And you’ll come to learn that being prepared is a key skill for any new mom or dad – future you will thank you for purchasing that extra pack of sheets!

So, how many bassinet sheets do you need exactly?

Do Bassinets Need Sheets?

Bassinets absolutely do need sheets, and for several important reasons.

Bassinet sheets contribute to creating a safe sleep environment for your baby. They act as a two-way barrier between the mattress protector and your little one, keeping the mattress clean and preventing potential irritants or allergens from coming into contact with your baby.

Babies are notorious for making messes, whether it's from diaper leaks, spit-up, or just general drool. Having a sheet that can easily be removed and washed makes it much easier to keep the bassinet clean and free from bacteria buildup.

They also help to promote breathability in the bed space, which is crucial for reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Sheets made from cotton allow air to circulate and prevent your baby from overheating while they sleep.

But more simply, it makes the bassinet a whole lot more comfortable for your little one. Rather than having them sleep directly on a mattress, the sheet provides a soft and cozy surface for them to rest on.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need for a Bassinet?

We recommend having at least 2-3 fitted sheets for a bassinet. This allows for one on the mattress, one in the laundry, and one as a backup.

But the answer also depends on a few factors, such as how often you plan on doing laundry and how messy your little one tends to be. Plus, you can buy sheets with different patterns or in different colours, so you can refresh your baby’s nursery with a simple sheet change.

If you’re someone who prefers to do laundry less frequently, you may want to have more sheets on hand. This way, you can rotate them out and always have a clean one available.

On the other hand, if your baby has frequent accidents or spits up often, having more sheets can also be beneficial. You don't want to be caught without any clean sheets when it's time for a nap or bedtime!

A bedding set will be your best bet as you’ll get a few sheets rather than having to buy them separately. You might even want to buy a few sets so you have even more backups.

We also recommend purchasing more than one waterproof mattress protector to go under the fitted sheet. These can help prevent stains and extend the life of your bassinet mattress, and having a spare one on hand means you can quickly swap it out if needed.

Are Bassinet Sheets Universal? How to Pick the Best Ones

Bassinet sheets aren’t universal. You’ll need to look closely at the measurements of your bassinet mattress and think about the materials the sheets are made from.

Size & Fit of the Sheets

The importance of the size and fit of a bassinet sheet cannot be overstated. A well-fitting sheet not only provides a secure base for your baby but also minimizes the risk of any safety hazards.

Sheets that are too loose can easily become bunched up, posing a risk of suffocation or entanglement, while sheets that are too tight may strain the mattress and potentially cause it to buckle or bend, creating an uneven sleeping surface for your baby.

When selecting bassinet sheets, only choose ones that are designed specifically for your SnüzPod (or any other crib or bassinet) to ensure a perfect fit. Avoid using hand-me-down sheets or ones that are meant for different beds, as they may not properly fit your baby's sleep space.

Look for sheets with elastic edges that can firmly grip the mattress corners, reducing the likelihood of the sheet dislodging during sleep.

SnüzPod fitted sheet size: 16 x 30 inches (min.) – 17 x 31 inches (max.)

Bed Sheet Material

The material of bassinet sheets plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and hypoallergenic environment for your baby.

It's vital to choose materials that are soft, breathable, and easy to clean. That's why SnüzPod sheets are crafted from 100% jersey cotton, a fabric renowned for its gentle touch and exceptional breathability.

Cotton also holds up well through many washes, ensuring that your baby's sheets will remain soft and cozy for longer.

How Often Should You Change Bassinet Sheets?

The frequency at which you should change your baby's bassinet sheets can vary depending on a few factors, such as your baby's age, skin sensitivity, and any incidents of spills or blowouts.

However, as a general guideline, it's advisable to change bassinet sheets at least once a week to maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for your newborn.

If your baby experiences a diaper leak, spits up, or if the sheets get visibly dirty, they should be changed immediately to keep the sleeping area fresh and sanitary.

For babies with very sensitive skin or those prone to allergies, you might consider changing the sheets even more frequently to prevent irritation.

Should You Use Different Fitted Sheets in Winter?

If you’re using good quality fitted sheets like ours, you won’t need to switch to different sheets in the winter. The cotton fabric we use is breathable and will keep your baby warm while also allowing for air circulation.

However, you could always double up on the sheets in winter for extra warmth and comfort. Simply layer one fitted sheet on top of another, making sure to tuck in any excess fabric to avoid bunching or discomfort for your baby.

It’s also important to note that you should avoid using heavy blankets or comforters in your baby's crib during sleep as they can pose a suffocation risk. Instead, opt for lightweight and breathable materials, just like organic cotton.

Alternatively, layering with a suitable baby sleeping bag can provide warmth and safety for your little one.

Where to Buy Bassinet Sheets for Your Baby’s Bed

Fitted bassinet sheets are available for purchase at most baby stores, as well as online retailers – including here at Snüz!

Our baby sheets are tailor-made to fit the SnüzPod4 Bedside Bassinet, but they can also fit other cribs of the same size. 

They come in twin packs, featuring two sheets or 3-piece sets, which come with an additional cellular blanket for swaddling or layering.

We have a range of prints and designs available, too, so there’s something to suit every nursery. The grey star and cloud packs are perfect for modern and neutral nurseries, and the rainbow sheets are super popular for those who love a pop of color in their interior design.

You can purchase our sheets directly from our website for delivery straight to your door, making it easy and convenient for busy new parents.

You’ll also find us located in a number of stockists across the US, including Kidsland in LA, Babinski's in Salt Lake City, and Albee Baby in NY.


What Bedding Do I Need for a Bassinet?

For your bassinet, you'll need at least 2-3 snug-fitting bassinet sheets made of soft, breathable material like jersey cotton for comfort and hygiene. Waterproof mattress protectors are also recommended to safeguard against spills and ensure a clean sleeping environment.

How Do I Keep My Baby Warm in His Bassinet?

To keep your baby warm in their bassinet, use snug, warm sheets and consider a baby-safe sleeping bag. Avoid bulky blankets for safety. Checking the room temperature, between 62°F and 68°F, helps ensure optimal warmth without overheating.

Do Babies Arms Get Cold in Sleep Sacks?

It's common for babies' arms to feel cooler in sleep sacks since their arms are outside. However, if baby's core is warm, there's usually no need for concern. Ensure their sleeping environment is appropriately warm and they’re dressed suitably underneath the sack for added comfort.

Do Babies Wake Up if They Feel Cold?

Yes, babies can wake up if they feel cold. Their discomfort due to the cold can disrupt their sleep, so it's important to maintain an optimal sleeping environment and dress them appropriately for the room's temperature to ensure continuous and restful sleep.