Creating Your SnuzPod Sleep Routine

Creating Your SnuzPod Sleep Routine

Our SnuzPod4 bedside bassinet is designed to make life a little easier for parents and their babies during those first few precious months. Keeping baby close helps build an understanding of what soothes them. Do they enjoy being rocked to sleep, or do lullabies help them drift off? Every baby is different, but here are a few ideas you might want to incorporate into your little one's SnuzPod sleep routine!

Sensory Relaxation

Sensory relaxation is a great way to soothe baby before bed and can involve various tools and techniques. Focus on gentle movements, soft sounds, and calming colors and textures, and try to avoid sudden movements and loud noises. The glow of a soft night light and quiet lullabies for added ambiance are perfect to create a relaxing sensory experience for your little one.


Dream Feeding

Many parents find that napping and feeding go hand-in-hand for babies, which is why some introduce dream feeding to help their baby sleep longer. Dream feeding involves gently waking your baby up enough to allow them to feed in a semi-upright position before putting them back to sleep. Although it might seem counterintuitive to wake a sleeping baby, dream feeding could help them stay full longer and sleep more peacefully.

Keep in mind that dream feeding doesn't work for every parent and baby. Speak with your pediatrician or healthcare provider before trying dream feeding to ensure you're doing it safely.


Gentle Movement

Many parents rock their babies to sleep, and this classic technique is made easier with SnuzPod's rocking stand. Position your SnuzPod4 in standalone bassinet mode (not tethered to the bed) and gently rock the stand to help your little one drift off.

Relaxing Bath

Incorporating a soothing bath into your baby's bedtime routine can create a special bonding opportunity. Gently rinsing and dabbing them with warm water, followed by drying and dressing them in cozy pajamas, can create a special and relaxing experience for you both, which sets them up for a restful night's sleep.


Baby Massage

Some parents like to include a baby massage in their bedtime routine to keep their baby's skin soft and moisturized. When done correctly, baby massage is a fantastic way to bond with your baby, and can help them feel sleepy before resting in their SnuzPod4. Consult a professional for proper massage techniques and always remember to use gentle, safe products for your baby's delicate skin.

Story Time

Even though your newborn won't understand the words and stories you read to them, speaking in hushed tones before naptime can signal that it's time to sleep. Reading a storybook is one of our favorite ways to create this soothing atmosphere. Our SnuzPod Storage Pocket also allows you to keep cherished storybooks within easy reach, making this special routine even more convenient.

No Sleep Routine Is The Same

Every baby is unique, and so are their sleep routines. You may find that what helps settle another baby, won’t settle yours – and that’s okay! Discover what works best for both of you. After all, you know your baby better than anyone.

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