How to Ease Your Baby's Transition From Bassinet To Crib

How to Ease Your Baby's Transition From Bassinet To Crib

Transitioning your little one from their bassinet to a crib can understandably feel a little daunting. After all, it’s a significant milestone for both of you. However, babies are more adaptable than we think, and although it’s natural to be apprehensive, with a bit of patience, this transition can go more smoothly than anticipated. Here are five sleep suggestions to help navigate the bassinet-to-crib transition with ease.

Accept It's Going To Take Time

Understand that there may be some sleep disruption as your baby adjusts to their new crib. Change is strange, and it's normal for your baby to wake or move around more while settling into their new environment. This phase is usually temporary and will settle and improve with time.


Get Your Baby Familiar With The Crib

While it's generally best to reserve their sleep space exclusively for sleep, allowing your baby to explore their new crib for short periods can help them become accustomed to it. If your little one sleeps in a SnuzPod4, consider placing the bassinet in the new crib for brief naps to ease the transition.

Put The Scent Of Sleep On The Crib Sheet

Your baby has a very keen sense of smell, and familiar scents can help them settle into new sleep surroundings. Try placing their new crib sheet at the end of your bed for a few nights before using it on their crib. This trick can make it smell familiar and help this transition go a bit more smoothly.

Soothing Sounds

You might be familiar with white noise, but at Snuz we’re big fans of pink noise for soothing your baby. Like white noise, pink noise breaks up silence with a steady background sound that helps scalm the mind. Unlike the higher frequency of white noise (think hairdryer or fan buzz), pink noise operates at a lower frequency. This produces a softer, deeper sound, reminiscent of ocean waves or a heartbeat, closely mimicking the sounds your baby would have heard in the womb. It’s an ideal choice to help your baby settle as it changes environments. If you haven't already introduced pink noise into their sleep routine, consider doing so for all sleep times at least 3-4 days before the transition.


Be Crib Consistent

Aim to make only one change at a time and be patient. Maintain as much consistency as possible with their regular bedtime routine while transitioning from the bassinet to the crib. Once they've transitioned, you can then introduce another change if needed.


Be Kind To Yourself

There's always bedtime biology behind your little one's sleep struggles. For every bedtime issue, there's a caring and logical way to a settled night's sleep. Remember, you're not alone, and you’re doing an amazing job. Try not to compare yourself to other parents; there is no one better for your baby than you.

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