Why the SnüzPod4 is the Safest Bedside Bassinet for Your Newborn

Written by: Julian Wood



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The SnüzPod 4 has arrived in the USA at last, bringing with it the latest bedside bassinet standards to ensure optimum safety and security for your little one as they rest by your side.

But when it comes to ensuring your little one's safety, especially around sleep, there's no such thing as too much research.

We've brought together all the key features that make the SnüzPod4 bassinet such a great choice for new parents looking to keep their baby safe and make parenting just a little bit easier!

Safety First With the SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib

The SnüzPod4 is JPMA-certified and meets bedside crib safety standards. This standard ensures easy access to your baby during the night while also providing a barrier that prevents them from rolling out of the bassinet.

New parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones can snooze safely by their bedside, being certified and tested for having the wall down overnight without having to zip it back up.

How to Practice Safe Sleep With Snüz

Practising safe sleep with the SnüzPod4 is straightforward, thanks to its carefully designed features that align with safe sleep best practices.

1. Always ensure that the firm, flat mattress is well-fitted and dressed with a fitted sheet to eliminate any gaps or bunching where your baby could get stuck. (The SnüzPod4 comes with a specially designed mattress for a perfect fit, and we sell Snüz bedding that fits the mattress perfectly).

2. Make sure your bedside bassinet is positioned correctly alongside your bed. The edge of your baby’s bassinet should be in line with the top of your mattress when the side is down. This means your baby’s mattress will be lower than your bed, so they can’t roll into your bed. The SnüzPod4 allows the bassinet's height to be adjusted so it's level with your bed.

3. To keep your baby safe through the night, always position them on their back when they sleep. Avoid leaving any loose bedding, pillows, or stuffed animals in the crib with them.

4. We recommend keeping the side of your SnüzPod4 up when you’re not in the room with your little one to keep them as safe as possible.

Our Bassinet’s Top Safety Features

While prioritizing safety standards, the SnüzPod4 has been carefully designed with many other unique features that make it the perfect choice for your little one.

Our key safety features include...

Feature Description
Adjustable Crib Height - Seven height settings
- Maximum mattress height of 28.7 in / 73 cm
- Suitable for bedside use or as a standalone crib
- Offers a wider height range with appropriate safety measures compared to other bedside crib options
ComfortAir™ System Innovative breathable system that promotes airflow
- Features unique mesh vents & a liner made from breathable materials
- Helps regulate the baby's temperature throughout the night
3D Breathable Mattress - Boasts base ventilation for maximum airflow
- Reduces the risk of overheating
- Promotes a comfortable sleeping environment
Reflux Tilt Feature - Innovative reflux tilt design for use before sleep
- Positions the bassinet at a gentle angle
- Aids digestion & reduces discomfort caused by reflux
- Aims to make pre-sleep times more restful for parents & baby

Adjustable Crib Height for Bassinet Safety

With seven height settings, the SnüzPod4 conveniently fits a wide range of adult beds.

Our model allows for a maximum mattress height of 28.7 in / 73 cm and is suitable for bedside use or as a standalone crib. Other bedside crib options don't have the same height range with the appropriate safety measures in place.

Regulate Your Baby's Temperature With the ComfortAir™ System

The SnüzPod4 features our new and innovative ComfortAir™ breathable system that promotes airflow throughout the night and uses unique mesh vents and a liner made from breathable materials to help regulate your baby's temperature.

The unique 3D breathable mattress also boasts base ventilation and allows for maximum airflow, reducing the risk of overheating and promoting a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in.

Promote Comfortable Sleep With Our Reflux Tilt

For those little ones who need a bit of help after feeding, the SnüzPod4 offers an innovative reflux tilt feature intended for use before sleep.

This clever design enables the bassinet to be positioned at a gentle angle, helping to soothe and comfort your baby by aiding digestion and reducing the discomfort caused by acid reflux. It's a thoughtful addition aimed at making pre-sleep times more restful for both parents and baby.

Note: this feature is not intended for use while your baby is sleeping, as a flat sleep surface is recommended to adhere to safety guidelines.

Integrate the SnüzPod4 Into Your Life With Its Removable Bassinet

The removable bassinet feature of the SnüzPod4 is a game-changer for parents, offering the ultimate convenience and flexibility.

As a portable sleeping environment, you can lift the bassinet for use from its stand and place it anywhere in your home, ensuring your baby remains in a familiar and comforting space whether you are in the living room, kitchen, or even outdoors.

This portability simplifies the transition from one room to another, avoiding the need to wake your baby and promoting a peaceful and continuous sleep schedule for your baby.

With the SnüzPod4's detachable bassinet, you can keep a watchful eye on your little one with ease, making parenting just a little bit smoother.

A Natural, Sustainable Sleep Space

Made from sustainably sourced wood, the SnüzPod bedside crib is not just eco-friendly but also built with durability in mind.

For families that anticipate growing, the SnüzPod4 is an excellent investment, designed to endure through the years and provide a secure, cozy sleep space for subsequent siblings.

The use of quality materials means that parents can count on the SnüzPod4 for reliability and strength, making it a piece of nursery furniture that can be trusted and cherished as the family expands.

Summary: Why the SnüzPod4 is the Safest Bedside Bassinet

Experience the joy of those precious early days with your newborn, enriched by the SnüzPod4.

Our commitment to high-quality and sustainable parenting essentials is evident in every aspect of its design. With unparalleled safety features, innovative comfort, and the use of natural and organic materials, the SnüzPod4 offers the peace of mind that every parent yearns for.

Let your baby rest in the best possible sleep environment and enjoy the restful nights you both deserve.

Discover the SnüzPod4 and join our community of happy parents.


How Long is it Safe for Baby to Stay in a SnüzPod?

A baby can sleep in the SnüzPod4 until they reach 6 months of age or earlier if they begin to roll over or pull themselves up to a sitting position. Always follow the most recent guidance and consult with a healthcare professional if unsure.

What's the Difference Between SnüzPod3 and SnüzPod4?

The SnüzPod4 builds upon the features of our original bedside crib with enhanced safety and comfort aspects. It offers improved ventilation thanks to the ComfortAir breathable system and is JMPA-certified. Additionally, the reflux tilt feature is a new addition to aid in a baby's digestion and comfort.

Is it Safe to Sleep With SnüzPod Side Down?

Absolutely, the SnüzPod4 is designed for safe co-sleeping when in bedside mode. It adheres to the stringent safety standards set out in the European safety standards, which include testing for use with the side folded down, ensuring a safe environment for your little one's restful sleep.

What Makes a Bassinet Safe for Overnight Sleeping?

If you want your little one to sleep in their bedside bassinet, you need to make sure the sides of the bassinet are at least 300mm above the top of the mattress. This will keep your little one safe and secure while they snooze next to you. Making sure your bassinet has breathable mesh walls also makes it safer.

Are Bedside Bassinets Safe?

Bedside bassinets are safe when they adhere to safety standards, such as being JPMA-certified. They provide secure and close sleep environments for infants, ensuring their safety through design features such as adequate side heights, breathable mesh walls, and the absence of hazardous substances.