SnzPod4: Held to a higher standard

SnzPod4: Held to a higher standard

The SnuzPod4 has finally arrived in the USA, bringing with it the latest bedside bassinet standards to ensure optimum safety and security for your little one as they rest by your side.

What Does This Mean?

The SnuzPod4 is JPMA certified and meets bassinet safety standards. This standard ensures easy access to your baby during the night while also providing a barrier that prevents them from rolling out of the bassinet. New parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones can snooze safely by their bedside. It also provides the convenience and reassurance of being certified and tested for having the wall down overnight without having to zip it back up.

Designed For Comfort And Closeness

While prioritizing safety standards, the SnuzPod4 has been carefully designed with many other unique features. The use of dual-view mesh windows, as well as a zip-down wall for overnight bedside use, keep baby safely by mom and dad’s side.

With seven height settings, the SnuzPod4 conveniently fits a wide range of adult beds. Our model allows for a maximum mattress height of 28.7 in / 73 cm and can be used as a bedside bassinet or standalone bassinet. It features a reflux incline option as well as a lift-off bassinet for use around the home. The SnuzPod4 also boasts a new ComfortAir breathable system that promotes air flow and helps regulate the baby's temperature thanks to its unique mesh vents and breathable liner. With safety and comfort at the forefront, our SnuzPod4 is designed to ensure your little one has the best night's sleep, right by your side.

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