SnüzPod4: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

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The SnüzPod4 has well and truly landed in the US, and we know you have a lot of questions about this innovative bedside crib. Well, worry no more!

From how to use the SnüzPod4 and its features to how it benefits your baby's sleep routine and your own, we've answered all your burning FAQs and then some.

Use this as a reference point to get all the information you need about the SnüzPod4, so that you and your little one can experience the best night's sleep possible.

SnüzPod4 Safety Questions

Here are your most frequently asked questions about the safety of the SnüzPod4 crib and how to safely use our bedside crib.

Q. 1. What is the Minimum/Maximum Height of the Adult Mattress That the SnüzPod4 Crib Can Be Used With?

The minimum height of your mattress should be 53cm, and the maximum height should be 73cm. This is the range that the SnüzPod4 can be adjusted to.

It's important that you position the SnüzPod4 bedside crib flush with the top of your mattress to ensure your baby is as safe as possible when sleeping in bedside mode.

Q. 2. Why Can’t the Reflux Tilt Be Used During Periods of Sleep?

As with all bedside cribs, according to the EU standard and in line with safe sleep guidance to place baby on a flat horizontal surface, we can only recommend that the reflux tilt is used while baby is awake. Please also ensure that the crib is in standalone mode, with the wall zipped up.

Q. 3. What Safety Standards Does the SnüzPod4 Meet?

As of November 2020, all bedside cribs manufactured, including SnüzPod4, need to meet the new crib safety standard BS EN 1130:2019. This standard is an update on the previous version (BS EN 1130:1996) and now contains bedside crib-specific tests.

New requirements include a half-height wall for when cribs are being used in bedside mode, making for easy access during the night whilst providing a barrier that removes the risk of your baby rolling out of the crib.

SnüzPod Cleaning & Maintenance Questions

Keeping your SnüzPod4 clean is crucial for the health and safety of both you and your baby. We’ve designed the crib to be easy to clean and maintain, but we’ve answered your commonly asked questions to help you out.

Q. 4. Why Has the Mattress in My SnüzPod4 Discolored?

It is completely normal for the foam mattress to have a yellow tinge, and this can occur with any polyurethane foam.

It occurs when the mattress is exposed to oxygen, which causes the color to change slightly (oxygenation).

The only way to prevent this is by coloring the foam, which is not something we would do.

Q. 5. How Do You Clean the SnüzPod4?

To clean your SnüzPod4, start by removing all the bedding and accessories. The fabric parts can be easily detached and are laundry machine washable – be sure to follow the care label for specific washing instructions.

For the frame and any non-textile components, use a damp cloth with mild dish soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they may damage the materials or leave residues that could be harmful to your baby.

Make sure all parts are thoroughly dry before reassembling the crib to prevent any mold or mildew from forming.

Q. 6. How Do I Wash the Fabric Cover/ComfortAir™ Liner?

The fabric cover can be sponge-cleaned with a mild detergent; we'd recommend allowing this to fully air dry.

The ComfortAir™ liner can be easily removed and machine-washed. Use a mild detergent when washing material your baby's delicate skin may come into contact with.

Snüz Bedding Questions

Bedding is important when it comes to ensuring safe sleep best practices are followed. Here are some of your most frequently asked questions about using bedding in the SnüzPod4.

Q. 7. How to Fit Snüz Mattress Protector Properly?

To fit the Snüz mattress protector correctly, start by ensuring the mattress is fully inserted inside the SnüzPod4 crib. The protector should snugly cover the mattress, with the soft, absorbent layer facing upwards.

Ensure the protector’s elasticated edges are neatly tucked under the mattress on all sides to prevent it from bunching up or shifting during the night.

For optimal safety and comfort, the protector should be flat and smooth, with no creases or folds.

Q. 8. Do I Have to Use Snüz Bedding With the SnüzPod4?

Snüz crib bedding is designed to fit perfectly with the dimensions of the SnüzPod4 mattress to provide a secure and snug fit. This helps to reduce the risk of excess fabric that could pose a potential safety hazard for your baby.

Also, Snüz bedding is crafted from high-quality materials that are soft and gentle on your baby's skin, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

However, if you choose to use other bedding, ensure it fits tightly to the mattress and complies with safe sleep guidelines.

SnüzPod4 Usage Questions

Using a bedside crib for the first time can be a bit daunting, so we’ve answered some of the questions we get asked the most about how to use the SnüzPod4 bedside bassinet.

Q. 9. Why Does the SnüzPod4 Sit Lower Than My Beds Mattress?

There is a new safety standard that requires all bedside cribs to have a 12 cm residual barrier or wall (measured from the top of the mattress to the half-height wall) to prevent the child from rolling out of the crib and into the adult bed, whilst allowing easy access to comfort your baby.

Because of this legislation, the mattress of the SnüzPod4 will be slightly lower than your own mattress.

Q. 10. The ComfortAir™ Liner Looks Like a Bumper. Please Can I Have Some More Information on This?

The ComfortAir™ liner is a removable section of the overall liner as opposed to a bumper, primarily because of its main function to allow air to circulate within the base of the crib and around the child.

One of the key features of SnüzPod4 is the improved breathability achieved primarily through the new ComfortAir™ Breathable System and liner.

Unique surface-level air-flow vents allow air to pass through the crib at surface level where your baby rests, while an air-permeable mesh liner can be easily unzipped and machine-washed to keep things fresh and free from bacteria.

ComfortAir™ Liner Information:

Feature Description
Material 3D mesh (as opposed to foam wadding used in traditional bumpers)
Primary Function Promote airflow in & around the crib
Thickness ComfortAir™ liner is over 8mm thick
Design Aspect The fabric does not lie directly against the wooden side parts of the SnüzPod4, allowing air to circulate in multiple directions.
Safety Assessments Thoroughly assessed both internally & externally by UK-based UKAS Accredited test laboratories
Safety Features - Materials are breathable
- No small parts or sharp edges that pose risks
- No ties, reducing the risk of entanglement
Purpose of Design While the ComfortAir™ liner is softer than traditional bumpers, its design isn’t primarily for cushioning or protection from limbs poking through cot sides or ends but rather for enhancing airflow

Q. 11. Why Can’t I Use a Sensor Pad With My SnüzPod Mattress?

We don't recommend the use of sensor pads with the SnüzPod4 as this can reduce airflow to the breathable mattress.

The base ventilation of the innovative ComfortAir™ System helps regulate your baby's temperature, so it should be left unobstructed. The sensor pad will also be unable to distinguish between your movement and your baby's.

Q. 12. How to Attach SnüzPod to Your Bed?

Attaching the SnüzPod4 to your bed is straightforward with just a few simple steps.

Ensure your SnüzPod4 is at the correct height with your bed. Then, use the provided straps to wrap under your mattress and clip onto the slats of your bedframe, pulling them tight to ensure there is no gap between the two beds.

Double-check all points of contact to confirm the bedside crib is stable and secure before use.

Q. 13. How to Take the Sides Down on the Bassinet?

To take the side down on your SnüzPod4, simply unzip the side panel at each end. Gently fold down the panel towards your mattress, tucking it neatly out of the way.

Your SnüzPod4 is now in open bedside mode, creating an extension of your own sleeping space while keeping your baby in their safe and cozy environment.

Q. 14. How Do You Use the SnüzPod Reflux Tilt?

The reflux tilt is designed to gently elevate your baby’s head and upper body to relieve acid reflux symptoms.

To use this feature, simply attach the tilt bar to the bottom of the crib. This cannot be done when your baby is in the crib.

Remember, the reflux tilt should only be used when your baby is awake and under supervision, not during sleep, for safety reasons as per expert guidelines on safe sleeping. Always revert to a flat position for your baby’s sleep time, and consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns about reflux.

General Questions

Finally, these are the questions you ask us that don’t fit into our other categories. Here’s everything from how the SnüzPod4 differs from our other products to how to build your baby’s crib.

Q. 15. What is the Difference Between SnüzPod 3 & SnüzPod4?

Both SnüzPod3 and SnüzPod4 can be used as a bedside crib or standalone crib and feature a reflux incline option and removable bassinet for use around the home. But the SnüzPod4 takes it a step further with its innovative features.

SnüzPod4 boasts a new ComfortAir™ Breathable System that promotes air flow and helps regulate baby's temperature thanks to its unique dual-view mesh windows and breathable liner.

In addition, SnüzPod4 has a new half-height wall setting which can be left in place during the night, making it easy to access baby without having to zip down the wall.

It also meets the latest bedside crib standards (passing BS EN 1130:2019), which our original bedside crib didn't have to, and it fits taller beds (up to a maximum adult mattress height of 73cm).

Q. 16. Do You Have a Video of How to Assemble the SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib?

Yes! We have a really handy YouTube video to help with assembling your SnüzPod4.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the SnüzPod4 can be assembled by one person, so you can get it set up in plenty of time for your little one's arrival.

See the video below:

Give Your Baby Their Ideal First Bed With the SnüzPod4

The SnüzPod4 is the ideal sleep solution for your baby’s first bed! Not only is it a cozy and comfortable space for your little one to sleep in, but it also meets the highest safety standards to give you peace of mind.

If you have more questions about the SnüzPod4, reach out to our team, who’ll be happy to assist you!

For more information about the SnüzPod4, check out our Sleep Center blog.